Nina Senecic, EABP, EAP and ICMTA member

IBP therapist

Believing that the body, mind, and spirit are inseparable and that the only way to make a change is through a holistic approach, in my practice, I combine different methods and principles of working with both the body and mind.

Discover your true self and live a free and authentic life
Nina Senečić - psihoterapeut sa područja Zagreba
Hi, my name is Nina.

I am an accredited IBP therapist, a teacher in training in Open Floor movement practice, as well as a personal and business coach, based in Zagreb, Croatia, and I have been working as such for eight years now.

I help people process difficult emotions they have had a hard time coping with — such as those born out of trauma — by helping them move and process those experiences through their bodies.

Anxiety, depression, pain, and trauma — are all multifaceted, and they manifest differently in each person.

Perhaps you are going through a crisis or you are in a phase of your life where those standard coping mechanisms you’ve built no longer work for you. Perhaps you are struggling with romantic relationships or you are having trouble finding your voice (or place) at work. Perhaps you don’t know how to say no or how to set good and flexible boundaries in your relationships. Perhaps you have been having emotional outbursts which you later regret or have a feeling that you are trapped in certain patterns of behavior. Or you may be feeling that you miss yourself
and that you’re not living the life you truly want to live.

Although these reactions to life stressors are absolutely normal, you don’t have to constantly experience them – you don’t have to suffer. You deserve help, and it’s absolutely possible for you to feel whole and unburdened!

What’s it like to work with me?

The most important thing in therapy is your relationship with your therapist. That relationship is a secure base and haven from which you can work on and through various issues and slowly transform, that is, a place from which you can safely work on achieving your therapy goals.

As a therapist, I offer you a safe space, my presence, and openness, as well as compassionate support as you work through those painful past experiences and create room for yourself, building a life that more accurately reflects your true values and worth.

Today, one of the most valuable resources available to me is my own experience of the therapeutic process and the memory of aid and assistance received as I uncovered and exposed those tender and vulnerable spots.

I’m offering you an integrative approach to dealing with trauma, anxiety, and relational stressors. My practice is rooted in body psychotherapy, wherein mind and body are inseparable, and the energy needs to freely flow through the entire soma (body). In other words, the foundation of my work lies in Integrative Body Psychotherapy, but I combine it with other practices such as bioenergetics, mindfulness, therapeutic dance movement, free movement, strength training, and
various coaching methods.

If you’re interested in working with me, feel free to contact me.
I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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