You can join me at any of my workshops in Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), or Belgrade (Serbia). I work with the adult (+18) non-clinical population.

You can see the workshop schedule on the calendar page.

The workshops are experiential, and I use a combination of IBP, bioenergetics, and conscious dance (Open Floor method) methods. We work on raising self-awareness through the body, resourcing, and personal growth through exploring the group and getting in touch with the other members. As a facilitator, I aim to create an inclusive and safe enough space for the participants, and by lending my presence, hand, and ear, make room for a deeper, more complete embodiment, body awareness, and the integration of sensations, feelings, thoughts, and spirit.

I use mindfulness, meditation, core energetic exercise, IBP, process-oriented psychology, exploration through touch, resourcing, conscious dance, and the adoption of tools that help us meet life challenges that await outside the physical space of the workshop.