Nina Senecic, an IBP therapist

Nina Senečić - psihoterapeut sa područja Zagreba

The idea of becoming a psychotherapist came to me rather spontaneously, a product of my own extensive experience as a client. Thanks to therapy and the support of my therapists over the years, I’ve come to find that inner place of self-acceptance and the feeling of being connected with myself. Of course, this radically changed — for the better — my life and relationships. Now I live by the creed of authenticity, positive intent, and energetic and body fluidity. The desire to support others on their personal journeys came naturally, and I have had the privilege and joy of
doing that for eight years. I have full faith in both the therapeutic work and the therapeutic relationship.

My practice is holistic and based on the fact that the mind and body are inseparable, and that the body can access those experiences that our conscious selves cannot. The body remembers in ways the mind never could, and IBP developed methods to extract this material and make it ready for conscious examination and processing. This way we open ourselves, allowing the free flow, and build our capacity to feel the full range and intensity of emotions, which reflects the
state of our mental and physical health. When working with clients, I combine IBP,
psychodynamic therapy, bioenergetics, mindfulness, meditation, strength training principles, postural organization, therapeutic dance, free movement, core energetics exercises, and personal development methods.

I’m devoted to working with people who want to fully integrate these principles into their lives, as well as those who need short-term support or assistance in achieving a particular goal. That said, I specialize in working with anxieties and early childhood traumas. When we process those intense feelings and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us through our bodies and the sensory apparatus, from a safe distance and with more resources at our disposal, we gain insight – and this is how we are set on a path of deeper healing.

Through the grounding and embodiment practices, the cornerstones of my practice, we go deeper into our bodies and move into the here and now, and that is how our bodies become the primary resource through which we experience life. Once we develop the role of the inner observer we get to better understand the context, we get to choose how we will react (differently) to something or someone. And when we are allowed this choice we often find ourselves making decisions that are more in line with our authentic values and intentions.


  • EABP-accredited IBP training program, Centre for Integrative Development, Zagreb, Croatia
  • ICF*-accredited coaching training program, Glotta Nova, Slovenia
  • ICF*-accredited business coaching training program, Glotta Nova, Slovenia
  • Bioenergetics workshops, O Tempora, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Open Floor teacher training program, Open Floor Europe
  • Psychotherapy with LGBTIQ+ individuals, QSS Queer Sport Split
  • Education of postural organization and breathing
  • Continuous education and training

Professional associations

  • HKPT – Hrvatska komora psihoterapeuta
  • EABP – European Association for Body Oriented Psychotherapy
  • EAP – European Association for Psychotherapy
  • ICMTA – International Conscious Movement Teachers Association